Day 6

Today was my anthropology day. Got to do a bit of learning while I'm here. Learning is important! Yes! Anthropology is awesome! :D

I went to the Amsa Prehistoric Settlement Site, which is on the outskirts of Seoul. I get a little nervous going out that way, because it's so far from the parts of the city that I'm more comfortable in.

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Day 5

I'm going to make this one kind of quick because I want to leave in a few, will edit with photos later.


Watched weird American film on tv
Went to Myeongdong
2 hours in Namdaemin market
footlong ice cream cone of amazingness
french fry covered corndog
2 hours of never finding it cause I'm kind of lame.
came home and made Leah some pasta.

Khun count: 20

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Day 3

So... this entry will be short and picture free as I'm on Leah's mac and don't have my camera cord.

Today we woke up a bit late since it was Saturday and we just felt too lazy to do anything in the heat. We did go out for subway and coffee before meeting one of Leah's friends from Yonsei.

Her friend, Raven, works in a city close by and came up to visit Leah. We all trekked back to her apartment for nap time. We got ready, went for Indian food and then bar hopped until 2 am.

Day 2

... I don't even know about today. How I get myself in these situations, I don't know.

Leah had to work 13 hours today, so she left at 9 am while I cleaned her apartment and puttered around on the computer until sometime around 10:30. Today was going to be my celebrity hunting day.

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Day 1

Alright so, day 1 in Seoul. It's freaking hot and humid here and I wear skinny jeans that just make me sad because they just stick to my leg because it's so freaking humid.

So Leah and I woke up sometime around 10 am, which was really me up at 8 am and her at 10 am ;D We left to go to this sushi buffet that we like in Sinchon, but they were closed today so we started walking around Sinchon until we found this super cheap but amazing sushi hole in the wall place.

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hi ya'll Korea: day 0

So I haven't exactly posted in weeks. I've been lazying around my apartment for the past month, watching tv, not doing much in fact.

But I'm in Korea now.

I hate flying so much, I'm not scared of airplanes, but I just hate sitting there with nothing to do and feeling like sardines in a can. I ended up taking a valium on one of the planes and drank some beer on the other one.

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I have returned

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Finals are over and school is out for the most part until next week when I have summer school.

I'm sorry if I disappeared these past few weeks, maybe even months?

So here's what's been happening lately:

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So, tell me what's been up lately with you all? I'm very interested in hearing from everyone!